Be Radical

Are you living the full expression of your potential? 

Are you building the life you yearn for? 

Or managing the one in front of you?

Are your thoughts conducive to the future you want?

As humans, we have a whole lot going on in our heads, but most of it––you know the stuff you tell yourself on a daily basis, the thoughts that keep you up at night––actually gets in the way. While many of us have dreams, and ideas of what we want our lives to look like, we aren’t reliable to go after them. In fact, we are more reliable to sabotage.

We are experts at excuses, professionals at procrastinating, connoisseurs of convincing ourselves we aren’t ______, specialists at “shoulding”, and maestros of making our dreams seem impossible. 

We are reliable to live our entire lives like this: self sabotaging and convincing ourselves we can’t or it’s hard, doing things we don’t even enjoy, working in jobs we don’t love, and leaving our passions by the wayside.

What we aren’t reliable to do, however, is step out of our comfort zones, embrace the unknown, take risks, make leaps, forge new paths, and run forward when everyone and everything says “stop.” We aren’t reliable to put time and energy into actually creating the life we yearn for.

Instead, we’re reliable to live our lives through check boxes:

Go to school   ✔️

Get a job   ✔️

Get an apartment   ✔️

Get married   ✔️
Have kids   
Drive them to school   ✔️
Teach them the cycle    ✔️
Pay for their college  ✔️
Retire   ✔️
Die   ✔️

And while we may find fulfillment, laughter, and joy along the way, it’s stuck in between these boxes, these checkmarks.

But what if following your dream was the to-do list? What if filling your life with laughter and play was the ultimate destination, not just accidental pit stops?

What if we stopped going through the motions, and actually lived? What if we had the tools to take our imagination out of the box, and into our day to day? What if we demanded of ourselves a life that was extraordinary?

Be Radical is an invitation to put down your check marks, and step into your potential. To get out of the box, and start living. It is for those who are no longer willing to watch time go by, slowly kicking the can of their dreams down the road.

It is not for the weak, complacent, or ordinary. It is for those who are ready to create a life they love, to take on actions that are not based on “shoulds” “rules” “can’ts” “don’t know how’s.” It means taking action even in the face of fear.

It is choosing NOW to make a stand for the world and the life you want to create. It is refusing what is reliable of you to do, refusing to remain in the box.

It’s as simple as creating the life you want. 

You can change your life by shifting how you speak to yourself. 

So, what voice are YOU ready to start listening to?

Be Radical.
It’s what your Life, is asking of you.

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