Be Radical


Be Radical

Be Radical is more than a company, it is an invitation. It’s a chance to step out of the norm, stop living the cycle of should’s, wants, and next times, and break free from your own complacency. Most humans live their life at a low gradient. Who do you know that goes 100% to fulfill on their dreams? Who do you know who has stopped letting circumstance get in their way? Who do you know who wakes up each morning and takes an action or step inline with their life commitments?

Any one of us can be these people, it is a choice. And it is a Radical one because it will set you a part. It means that you are busting out of an ordinary life, to create the life you truly want, the life you have been afraid or hesitant to step towards. It is the life where you are in full control, where you don’t let your relationship with time, money, and circumstance get in the way.

Be Radical is the intersection of possibility with reality; it is investing in yourself––choosing your dreams over your circumstances; it is boldly taking actions aligned with your commitments; it is putting down your negative self talk, and speaking your goals into life; it is choosing the vision of your dreams, and letting the image determine everything you do.

You have to get out of the box––it can only take you as far as it’s physical limits.  Be Radical. 

Brittany Cotton


Ever notice how About Me sections of a website, pamphlet, or company suddenly take up the third person? Brittany did this, Brittany did that.

Hi, I’m Brittany. I am not going to do that. I am here writing this; when you call I am the person who will answer; when you need support I am the one who will give it; when you have a question- “hello it’s Brittany, how can I be in COMPLETE AND UTTER SERVICE TO YOU AND YOUR DREAMS?”

So, who am I?

I am an extremely powerful coach, a woman of words, a seeker of adventure, a wanderess, an independent outlier, a nerdy rebel, a bold book worm, a warrior for the female voice, and an unstoppable Stand for all humans creating lives of fulfillment, joy, and purpose. I am a on a full blown mission to change the planet one human interaction at a time; I am dedicated to creating inner peace and compassion so that my clients breath that out into the world.

I was raised in a small town in Oregon, fifty feet from the house my father was born in. I grew up in a financially stable, spiritually abundant, adventurous household. My parents were world travelers, they followed their dreams, built their company and home, and worked hard to give us lives of Love and Connection.

But I was on the outskirts. And in every sense of the word: Independent. My parents allowed me to dress myself for school––which meant that on any given day I was wearing multiple outfits at once, putting halloween costumes over jeans, and constantly sporting at least three ponytails. I was different. My first word was No, and I meant it. I learned from a young age that solitude was the safest place. Not only did I get to decide how I spent my recess, but I was safe in my decision––no one would make me cry or tell me to go away. They wouldn’t question me or my outfit. And I took this notion of safety with me out of pre-school, and into middle school, high school, college, and even grad school, oh yeah and my friendships, and romantic relationships.

Though I had strength, conviction, and power, little did I know I had built an external and internal wall, behind which stood, and sometimes crouched, a one girl army. Though I had great friends and a social life, I never let myself become vulnerable to anything. And while I am fortunate to have built a strong wall against pain and discomfort, it was a wall that also turned away connection, intimacy, love, growth, and understanding. I was incredibly comfortable in situations where I knew my place and how to manipulate how I was coming across. But put me in a room full of women who I didn’t know, I became jelly. What was the best thing to say? What could I do? Suddenly someone whose words and wit came easy, fell silent. I would fall to the margins, deeply caring how I came across and what others thought of me.

And for that reason, Academia loved me, and I it. School, class, papers,  books, and homework were my favorite pastimes. I knew who I was, I knew how to do a fantastic job, I knew how to get approval and validation. Intellect was safe. And while my brilliant mind continued to shine, my heart took a back seat. I was so versed in my thoughts, I had little access to feelings and emotions, in fact I had an intellectual relationship with my feelings. My encounters with love predictably kept coming to ends, and I was at a loss.

While applying to PhD programs and nursing a broken heart, I realized I was stuck. I didn’t want to be playing such a small game: hiding behind papers, and constantly convincing people I had merit. I wanted love that didn’t end, I wanted connection that wasn’t constantly being self analyzed, I wanted to change the world. The quicksand of being ordinary and unhappy was fast approaching, and I didn’t want to be just another human turning the page and scrolling over the contents. I wanted all my dreams to come true, I wanted to know what they were, I wanted everything I was promised as a child, and I wanted it on my terms. I was tired of playing societies game of school and work. And just when I needed it most, the Universe responded, and I was invited to register for a leadership and coach training program with Accomplishment Coaching, The World’s Finest Coach Training program.  I had no interest in coaching, I was in it for some major personal transformation. And yet, a month into the program I got my first client, and at graduation’s end I quit my day job and never looked back.

I am now the proud owner of this company, where I change people’s live by shifting how they speak to themselves. I have created thriving relationships, launched a blog, published short stories, and continued to use my masters in English literature within my Ontological Coaching practice, where my clients and I dive into the language they use on a daily basis. When I am not working with individual clients or companies, I train new coaches with Accomplishment Coaching, and facilitate their Leadership and Coach Training Program in San Diego. I also hold the Professional Coach Credential (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Everyday I take one action in step with my commitment to passion, adventure, and radical fulfillment. I am deeply immersed in a life I love, and I am dedicated to changing the world one human interaction at a time. We have a moral responsibility to leave the world as rich in possibility as we found it. And that is why I coach, mentor, live and breath. I am here to create the planet I want to live on. Howard Thurman, a civil rights leader, philosopher, and author beautifully once said: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

What Clients Say

"Life-changing" seems cliché and over-used but it honestly isn't a deep enough description of what the past 8 months of coaching with Brittany Cotton have given me. For the first time in my life, I feel like I know my value and my worth. I know who I am and the qualities I bring to the table. I'm proud of the work I've done with her and the person I show up as in all aspects of my life. I am proud of who I am BE-ing. Brittany coached me through stepping into my personal power, confidence, courage and trust which has bettered all areas of my life--not just success in my business, which is what I originally hired her for. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the wisdom, expertise, knowledge, warmth, humor, tough-love, straight-talk, and clarity that Brittany brings to coaching. I've been in many coaching settings with many different coaches. Brittany is unparalleled and my growth has been exponential in just 8 months. Thank you for the work you do and for the transformative power of your coaching.

I came to Brittany through a mutual friend, and was interested in tackling some productivity and efficiency issues. Through our discussions she was able to help me understand the root causes of these requests. Our partnership and shared experience left me with the tools and processes for a better and more healthy path forward. Brittany has the great ability to translate and discern patterns and issues you are not present to, and help you to determine whether they serve your best self or not. I am reminded daily of our work and continue to use her methods and practices to thrive. This was one of the best decisions of my life, and I’m so happy that I was able to work with her.
"It was the start of 2018 and I was determined to have a more successful year, a happier year, a powerful year. But I didn't know how to make that happen and was fearful my anxiety would spiral and that "nothing would change." Then I was introduced to Brittany. I have to admit I was hesitant, what is a life coach anyway? But in spite of my weariness I said yes to 4 months (turned into 6) of coaching on our initial phone call. I mean I wanted a change and there was something in Brittany's voice, her words, her passion that encouraged me to take a chance and make a change. I've never been good at goal setting, it always felt overwhelming and unattainable regardless of what I was aiming for. Brittany changed that for me. She helped me realize that even if I didn't know what my end goal was, the big picture, that I could attain happiness in the small things. With every small change I made, I gained more motivation - another trait I lacked in the past. Brittany encouraged me to appreciate the small things that make me smile everyday and recognize that the ugly things are there and they also make me who I am. Slowly the ugly things became less relevant, and I only wanted the positive things in my life. I became more determined to make big changes in my life, exploring different career options that I was passionate about and most importantly, capable of. I now find myself toward the end of 2018 organizing a fundraiser that I am wildly passionate about and have no doubt will lead me into the career I've always envisioned for myself. I can truly say I would not have pushed myself if it wasn't for Brittany's constant encouragement and support. Thank you, Brittany, for bringing out the goddess in me."
“Working with Brittany has truly been the most valuable, energizing and uplifting life experience for me; and I’m so grateful to have had her incredible support and coaching over these last 4.5 months. I was struggling to communicate with my boyfriend of 2+ years about our future. He was going through some personal things and I could tell he was pulling away. She challenged me to find my courage to communicate all that was not being said. To be authentic. Not only with my boyfriend, but to myself. I started to get really hard on myself about literally everything- and it created this whole spiral of not being happy and then putting pressure on our relationship. I needed a shift in my life and I didn’t know how to go about it. After having weekly 1-1’s coaching sessions with Brittany, my boyfriend and I are the closest and most open we’ve ever been. Beyond helping me with my relationship, she helped me to discover a whole new lens on life; being able to view more of my day to day interactions with love, joy and positivity. My attitude and productivity also shifted at work- I got a promotion! I can’t thank Brittany enough for all of her guidance and support in helping me focus on achieving my greatest self. Highly recommend Brittany’s coaching services!”
“I had the luckiest opportunity to have Brittany as my coach for a total of 6 sessions and my life has never been the same. I’m a new mom and kind of lost myself and sight of MY dreams and goals because let’s be real…babies take up every ounce of your brain 24/7. But Brittany helped me spark a fire and helped me see that nothing is goal is too big or too small. She is SO awesome and i am eternally grateful for her.”
“Brittany Cotton is a brilliant woman. In the time that I have worked with her she has brought passion, awareness and perspective into my life. Through authenticity and relatability, she has always made me feel heard and supported. Her encouragement comes from a place of believing in what I am capable of, pointing to my highest self even when I am unable to see it, always reminding me of the future that I powerfully declared in moments that I don’t feel so empowered and always making me feel whole and intentional throughout the process. Working with her has truly made a mark on my life and I am a better person for knowing her.”
“It’s rare to come across a more dedicated and patient life coach than Brittany Cotton. I have been working with Brittany for over a year and every week she continues to encourage and support my efforts and endeavors. I am impressed by Brittany’s innate ability to handle a large variety of coaching requests—from weight management, couples counseling and life goals to study habits, managing schedules and prioritizations. Regardless of the topic she provides helpful tools and motivational support to overcome hurdles; she helps me set attainable goals that make me progress both personally and professionally. Coaching is certainly a skill that often takes years to develop but it seems to come so natural to Brittany. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Brittany on a weekly basis and I highly recommend her services.”
“I’d always wanted to work with a coach, but it was never the “right time”, or I couldn’t “find the time”, or it was just too expensive. I was wrong. The right time was “sooner”. Finding the time became irrelevant, as time management was something we tackled, and I was left with a net gain. And if there’s something more important to invest in than yourself, I haven’t found it. Brittany helped me understand that I leaned on the past to dictate my future, and just how ridiculous that was. She helped me identify defense mechanisms that were preventing me from growing and succeeding. She helped me recognize and identify the life I’d like to be leading, and helped me understand that the choices you make along the way, ultimately create or don’t create, that life. It’s not a wish, it’s a result. And the beauty was, she helped me realize that the answers were always there, I just needed to move some things out of the way, in order to see them. If you’re ever looking to change or improve your life, your work, your relationship with yourself or others… I wholeheartedly suggest that you work with Brittany. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Be Radical.