Be Radical


Envision a great sports coach. This could be one you had, someone who is renowned for this post, or even your notion of the perfect team leader. What is their role? What do they do for the team? Individual players?

The number one job of a coach is to co-create the space for the player to play and be their absolute best––to support them in reaching their highest potential. The coach doesn’t get to come on the field, they are not responsible for moves, dribbling the ball, or scoring the goal. The coach’s responsibility is to see both what is and isn’t happening, and reflect it back to the player, in service of Winning.

Coaching outside of sports is no different. The role of coach is to support someone in stepping into their greatness, their highest potential by asking difficult questions that bring new levels of self-awareness, discovery, and a greater understanding of what drives them and, gets in their way.

Through rigorous questioning, accountability, and support structures a coach acts as an objective mirror. They do not provide the answer, but reflect who their clients are being, and how their limiting beliefs are impacting them. They co-create to ensure their client has the tools and facility to empower their choices, and get into action around their highest commitments––that which they want most in the world.

Coaching is about the nature of our thinking: what we create and repeat in our heads, and how to shift that. It is getting ourselves and our clients out of their comfort zones, out of their survival mechanisms, fear, and self sabotage; it is changing what happens inside our minds, to generate a different action. As Marianne Williamson puts it, “taking responsibility for our lives means taking responsibility for our thoughts.” To take control of our lives, we must first be aware and understand what is happening mentally. Therefore Coaching is about recognizing the narratives we have going on inside so we can get into action from a different place, and thus create a different result or experience.

               New Awareness + Different Action = New Result 

As coach, and client, I have become present to how oddly our minds work, and by odd I mean opposing. Most people do not wake up and go through the day telling themselves how amazing they are, or filling themselves with positivity. Strangely, we spend most of the time questioning ourselves, and even putting ourselves down. Within each of us is a nay-sayer, a little voice rooting for us to stay small, to stash our dreams away, to believe we “can’t” or that we “shouldn’t.”

Coaching makes a full-on assault against that voice. 

Coaching invites you to think big, get outside of your fears, and act in spite of them.

 It creates a space for you to not only recognize your absolute potential, but step into it.

Our self perception determines our behavior. If we think we are small, limited, inadequate creatures, then we tend to behave that way, and the energy we radiate reflects those thoughts no matter what we do. If we think we’re magnificent creatures with an infinite abundance of love and power to give, then we tend to behave that way.” -Marianne Williamson