Be Radical

Group Coaching

Ever had friends who bring you down?

Do you wonder what you could produce if you had a team devoted to supporting you?

Ever been to a seafood restaurant, stood next to a fish tank, and watched some crabs?

Think the crab question is out of place? It’s not.

The Crab Bucket Mentality, is no joke––crabs are assholes. If one tries to get out of the bucket, every other crab works to drag it back in. In fact, if the crab who is attempting escape is close to success the other crabs will rip its arms off. AND if still the crab persists the others will gang up and murder that crab. Crabs function under the notion “if I cant have it, neither can you.”

While the people you surround yourself might not rip your arms off, or kill you––they can break your spirit and drag you down. As Jim Rohn says, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” therefore who you choose to surround yourself with is of extreme importance.

Group Coaching creates velocity, inspiration, and radical growth in you––as it ensures you are spending time with others who are playing at a high frequency. Too many of us are apt to do “isolated and alone,” but what would we produce if we not only got, but asked for support?

Afraid of team? Did group projects make you uneasy? If you are like me, I used to run for the hills when I had to work with others. I was convinced I could do everything better, faster, and with greater ease alone. And hey, that notion got me pretty far. But I tapped out on myself. We grow and expand when we let others in, and that is what group coaching is all about––having multiple voices, perspectives, and ideas challenging and supporting you. You can only go so far alone, but with others, possibility multiplies.