Be Radical

One on One Coaching

What do you want most in life?

What do you dream about Creating? Solving? Curing? Changing? Expanding?

If Time and Money were of no concern, what would you be up to?

What is your Purpose on this planet?

What is your Essential Greatness?

And what gets in the way?

Are your actions aligned with your commitments?

Are you seeing results?

Are you stuck?

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

Are you present to Possibility and Choice in everything you do?

One on One Coaching is a dive into the one thing we are all experts in: our own lives. It is designed to distinguish what one ultimately wants in their business or personal life, what’s in the way, and breaking that up to create new and desired results. It is about taking ownership of your thoughts, words, and actions to transform your life in service of generating possibility, joy, financial success, and personal and professional fulfillment.

Through powerful questioning, rigorous coaching, accountability, partnership, and effective support structures, you will experience a high level of self-awareness that has you living the full expression of your potential. It is about putting down your disempowering thoughts and stories, and getting present to all that your capable of. We will work together to uncover how your inner dialogue limits you, because once your self talk is on YOUR side, anything is possible.

We will

  • Define your professional and personal goals
  • Distinguish what’s in the way of you producing the results you want 
  • Use an Eight-Point-Project Map to effectively and efficiently reach your goals
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • Shift the way you speak to yourself, and others
  • Foster more powerful connections, both professionally and personally
  • Design the next year of your life from Possibility and Choice
  • Develop a partnership rooted in accountability, trust, and support
  • Align your Actions with your Commitments
  • Generate massive breakthroughs in self-worth, well being, and personal transformation
  • Enhance your Leadership, Communication, and Creative Skills
  • Create personalized weekly practices
  • Presence you to your Purpose, Greatness, and Highest Potential
Be Radical 2018 Coaching Brittany Cotton

All this combined allows individuals to get out of their own way to create the business and life of their wildest imaginations.