Today is Your Day to Stop the Bullshit


"Brittany's professionalism and expertise have supported me to develop the business at a faster pace. Not only I gained personal confidence by getting rid of some negative beliefs and developing resilience; It also generated an improvement in efficiency, efficacy and productivity within the team members due to better communication and processes. From launching the MVP to winning a startup competition, Brittany has been an invaluable asset to myself and the company. I recommend entrepreneurs & innovators to use Brittany's services. It was a game changer!”

Y. M., PhD, CEO - Hive Skills, Inc.

"I came to Brittany through a mutual friend, and was interested in tackling some productivity and efficiency issues. Through our discussions she was able to help me understand the root causes of these requests. Our partnership and shared experience left me with the tools and processes for a better and more healthy path forward. Brittany has the great ability to translate and discern patterns and issues you are not present to, and help you to determine whether they serve your best self or not. I am reminded daily of our work and continue to use her methods and practices to thrive. This was one of the best decisions of my life, and I’m so happy that I was able to work with her.”

Nick, Senior Digital Producer- Nike


“I’d always wanted to work with a coach, but it was never the “right time”, or I couldn’t “find the time”, or it was just too expensive. I was wrong. The right time was “sooner”. Finding the time became irrelevant, as time management was something we tackled, and I was left with a net gain. And if there’s something more important to invest in than yourself, I haven’t found it. Brittany helped me understand that I leaned on the past to dictate my future, and just how ridiculous that was. She helped me identify defense mechanisms that were preventing me from growing and succeeding. She helped me recognize and identify the life I’d like to be leading, and helped me understand that the choices you make along the way, ultimately create or don’t create, that life. It’s not a wish, it’s a result. And the beauty was, she helped me realize that the answers were always there, I just needed to move some things out of the way, in order to see them. If you’re ever looking to change or improve your life, your work, your relationship with yourself or others… I wholeheartedly suggest that you work with Brittany. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Michael, former VP Sales and Promotion- Live Nation; Owner, Board of Directors- Birdie Box

"Brittany is one of a handful of people who I would credit with a complete transformation of my life. When I first met Brittany, I was suspicious of her. I didn't think it was possible for someone to be so accepting, unattached, caring, and real. As I let down my own walls and got into a relationship with Brittany and let her coach me, I found myself creating breakthroughs all over my life/career/home/love/everything. And looking back I can see it was my own fears and doubts that had me ever question if the live I have now was possible, and that someone could be so supportive in helping me create it.

That is who Brittany is. You can bring her anything, and be exactly who you are and where you are, and she will meet you there. She will reflect things to you and stand for you to create the life you say you want. And she believes you when you say you want things, even if they feel impossible. She will remind you of them and never stop until your life is transformed.

I highly, highly recommend you reach out to her and start a conversation. You'll be amazed where it goes. And have fun! She is a hoot.”

Nichole, CEO/Co Founder- Lash.Live